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Affordable Drone Photography San Diego

The trusted name in high quality, Affordable Drone Photography San Diego clients rely on!

George is a FAA licensed part 107, drone commercial pilot. 
We use a Phantom 3 Professional Drone with a gimble-mounted 1080 HD camera for both video and still photography. 10 times better than a GO-Pro. 
We have photographed both residential and commercial property,
 family and business events and weddings.
All our work is affordable, fully insured, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Flying  Since  1980

As a licensed Commercial Pilot, George is no stranger to the world of aviation and the art of aerial photography. For over 35 years, George has been utilizing his unique vision and experience to create aesthetically pleasing photography for business needs and private occasions. Whether you are selling your property or require professional scenic photography for your wedding, Affordable Drone Photography can provide exactly what you need at an AFFORDABLE price.
  1. Attention Realtors
    We can make your listings POP - more sales for you - quicker results. Show off that view !! Up to 10 digital images - $90 total Satisfaction Guaranteed -
  2. Construction
    Show your clients your progress on their site. Record your construction for your records. Can be used by you and the client for many uses including advertising.
  3. Family Events
    Videos and photos Beach weddings - outdoor events $50 for 1/2 hr. 1 hr Minimum
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